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What Is the ORBERA Balloon?

Obesity is a condition which affects millions of Americans.Many weight loss options are available for adults with obesity, including Orbera. We explore the details of this non-surgical weight loss procedure.


Orbera is a type of intragastric balloon. It is filled with saline and placed into the stomach to help you lose weight by limiting the space in your stomach for food and helping you to feel full sooner.

After six months, the balloon is removed and you continue with the exercise and diet plan recommended to you before surgery.

How Does the Procedure Work?

Once it’s been confirmed that the procedure is safe for you, the surgeon will mildly sedate you and then insert the balloon directly into your stomach via your esophagus using a flexible camera. After it’s been placed, the surgeon then fills the balloon with a sterile saline solution.

The procedure typically takes 30 minutes to complete.

What Are the Benefits of ORBERA?

ORBERA offers many benefits to those wanting to lose weight.

History and Safety

ORBERA has existed for over two decades, and hundreds of thousands of procedures have been completed worldwide. This weight loss option is FDA-approved as a safe and effective way to lose weight.


ORBERA patients have lost noticeable amounts of weight both during and after the six-month period. Also, during the six months of wearing the balloon, patients learn and apply the portion control, diet, and exercise strategies that help them continue weight loss following ORBERA’s removal.

Non-Invasive and Temporary

The fact that ORBERA is a non-surgical way to lose weight is a benefit for those looking for a less invasive procedure. This option is also beneficial because it’s a temporary weight-loss option.

Continued Weight Loss Is Proven

Yet another benefit of the ORBERA procedure is the fact that, after removal, it has been proven to help patients maintain and not regain lost weight.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for ORBERA?

Adults with a body mass index BMI of between 30 and 40 with a minimum two-year history of obesity are considered to be good candidates for ORBERA. As well, doctors may recommend ORBERA to patients having conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease who have been unable to lose weight with other diets and exercise plans.

This weight loss option is also recommended for those who have not had esophageal or stomach surgery previously and who have a good support system of family, friends, and colleagues in place.

You will need to undergo a screening process to determine whether ORBERA is a good fit for you and be able to take a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) for the duration the gastric balloon is in your stomach. Proton pump inhibitors inhibit stomach acid from forming, which can weaken the soft balloon material.

Who Is Not a Good Candidate for ORBERA?

ORBERA is not recommended for women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant in the next six months. It is also not recommended for women who are breastfeeding.

Those diagnosed with hiatal hernia, a structural abnormality of the GI tract, motility disorder, or inflammatory disease of the GI tract are also not considered to be good candidates for ORBERA.

Bleeding or liver conditions, as well as taking anti-inflammatories, prescription aspirin, or misusing alcohol or other substances can also make you ineligible for the procedure.

What Are the Risks of the Procedure?

Just as with any procedure, ORBERA placement does have some risks. You may experience nausea or may vomit while ORBERA is in your stomach for six months. Abdominal and back pain have also been reported, as well as acid reflux, indigestion, and infection.

Blockage of the stomach that may prevent food from entering, as well as partial or full bowel blockage are also included in the risks. It’s very important that you stay hydrated following ORBERA insertion, particularly if you experience vomiting.

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It’s important to be aware that getting ORBERA involves more than just the procedure itself.

Motivation and Commitment

It’s true that there are certain medical requirements that must be met in order to qualify for ORBERA. However, you must also be motivated to lose weight, have a desire for a healthier lifestyle, and understand the changes you will need to make once ORBERA has been placed.

In addition, you must be willing to participate in and commit to a weight loss program. This managed weight loss system lasts for one year following your procedure.

Dietary Changes

The ORBERA gastric balloon will occupy room in your stomach so that you feel fuller sooner. In addition to this, the dietary changes you make will be largely responsible for the weight loss you experience.

One important change will be eating smaller portions than you may have been eating before. As well, depending on your previous diet, you may need to start adding more vegetables and lean proteins to your diet.

Unlike most diet programs, you won’t be prohibited from eating certain foods; you can still enjoy comfort foods and treats. You will simply be enjoying them in smaller portions than you may have before.

Activity Changes

ORBERA managed weight loss includes making exercise a part of your daily life. This doesn’t mean you must suddenly adopt a full and intense exercise regimen, however.

If you aren’t used to moving a lot or for long periods of time, it is likely healthier for you to begin very slowly with a low-intensity form of exercise, such as walking for short distances initially, and then work your way up to longer walks.

If you’re used to being more active, you may be able to add weights to your walking or engage in more intensive forms of exercise such as aerobics.

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