By Peter H. Grossman, MD
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Top Cosmetic Treatments for Aging Skin

Thanks to modern technology, there are many options for erasing the years. If you want younger-looking skin, affordable cosmetic surgery can be your answer. Although there are many ways to reclaim your youthful glow, this post reviews some of the most popular cosmetic treatments for aging skin, as well as how to prepare for your chosen procedure.

Removing Wrinkles

Those who wish to look more youthful often choose from one of two non-surgical wrinkle reduction options: dermal fillers and Botox.

Dermal fillers are commonly hyaluronic acid—a naturally occurring compound found in skin and connective tissue—to add volume to the face, and smooth out fine lines. Botox, however, works by relaxing the subdermal muscles whose movement can contribute to wrinkles. Because each injection targets different aspects of skin rejuvenation, many people opt for a combination of dermal fillers and Botox.

If you are planning for either of these procedures, you can expect to experience some temporary discomfort following the 30- to 45-minute procedure.

Revitalizing the Skin’s Look

Another popular way to restore your skin’s youthful glow is to undergo a revitalization procedure. Today, you can accomplish this without surgery, or the daily application of creams.

Laser revitalization removes wrinkles by transporting laser energy deep below the skin’s surface to reach the underlying tissue. This contact stimulates the growth of new tissue, using the body’s own healing process to replace the old. This procedure is often used to treat wrinkles, skin damage, and acne scarring.

This type of treatment may require more than one short session to achieve your desired results, and there will be slight discomfort as the laser touches the skin.


Facelifts remove loose skin on the neck and face that can add years to your look. This procedure can improve the look of the lower eyelids and cheeks, as well as noticeably tighten skin on your jawline.

This can be accomplished with both traditional surgical means, as well as by radio frequency (RF)  AccuTite™ or FaceTite™. The latter methods use laser energy to melt fat beneath the skin, as well as generate collagen production—resulting in a tightened, youthful appearence.

A surgical facelift requires four or five hours to complete, and it will require you to take up to three weeks off work in order to heal. However, RF treatments—while more suited to smaller areas of treatment—require a far shorter amount of recovery time.

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Consult with an Experienced Professional

The decision to have affordable cosmetic surgery is an important one, and complete confidence and trust in your surgeon are critical. A cosmetic treatment that gives you exactly the results you want begins with choosing the right plastic surgeon. The surgeon and staff at Grossman Plastic Surgery offer friendly, efficient, and professional aging skin plastic surgery.

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Peter H. Grossman, MD, CA remains one of Southern California’s most in-demand cosmetic surgeons.  Book your consultation online or call 818-981-2050.

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