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What Is Orbera?

Millions of Americans trying to lose weight may find it difficult to reach this goal, even with diet changes and exercise. The Orbera balloon offers a way to lead a healthy lifestyle with faster results and measurable weight loss. We take a closer look at Orbera and provide answers about the procedure.

The Gastric Balloon Method

An Orbera balloon is a gastric balloon, which is a medical device that’s temporarily placed in the stomach. The Orbera balloon is then inflated with saline, limiting the available room in the stomach for food and allowing you to feel full and satiated sooner after eating.

What’s Unique About Orbera?

Orbera provides the chance to lose weight without surgery. Only a mild sedative and up to 30 minutes are needed to complete the procedure, and you can return home the same day. Orbera is also unique because their program provides you with needed information and tools to support long-term weight loss.

What to Expect During and After the Procedure

Orbera is placed into the stomach with an endoscope and filled, during which you may feel fullness. After placement, you can expect to experience rapid weight loss in the first few months. Coaching is provided by experts, including a psychologist and dietitian, so you can continue with your healthy weight loss habits.

Removal and Aftercare

Orbera gastric balloon removal takes place in the same way that it was inserted; the saline is removed to deflate the balloon, after which it is removed with an endoscope. Just as with insertion, only a mild sedative and up to 30 minutes are needed for completion, with a return home on the same day.

Unlike other bariatric weight loss options, Orbera is totally reversible and requires no incisions, stitching, or long recovery time. After the short procedure, you’ll recover in-clinic for approximately two hours. This particular gastric balloon option continues to be a leading product in terms of both effectiveness and safety. It allows patients to accelerate their weight loss as they enjoy a healthy life.

Orbera is also proven to help you lose weight even after removal. After removal, continued activity and healthy eating habits are required in order to maintain your weight loss and continue your new lifestyle.

Orbera Benefits and Risks

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Just as with any weight loss procedure, Orbera has benefits as well as risks to be aware of. The risks of the Orbera balloon procedure include a feeling of nausea or discomfort in the first few days following placement. Although rare, serious risks can include balloon deflation and the development of stomach ulcers.

Is Orbera Right for You?

If you’re an adult with a BMI between 30 and 40 who’s willing to participate in a program that’s medically supervised, Orbera may be right for you. Dr. Peter H. Grossman is a board-certified and nationally acclaimed plastic surgeon experienced in Orbera placement and removal. Call Grossman Plastic Surgery today to discover if you qualify for the Orbera weight loss balloon: (818) 981-2050.

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