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What Is PicoSure Skin Treatment?

For those with skin pigmentation issues, PicoSure offers a safe and effective means of healing, rejuvenating, and balancing the skin’s appearance. If you’ve been considering this modern means of treatment, the following will help you make an informed decision.

How PicoSure Works

The Picosure process involves using a picosecond laser light to reach deeper skin layers and cause damage to those tissues. The body’s natural healing process then removes damaged tissue and triggers the production of new collagen and elastin and, ultimately, new and healthy-looking skin.

What Is a Picosecond Laser?

A picosecond laser delivers its energy far faster than the older nanosecond laser. The PicoSure laser is the first of its kind to be able to be used in the treatment of several types of abnormal skin pigmentation, including those resulting from:

  • Acne scars
  • Unwanted tattoos
  • Wrinkles
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Age spots
  • Brown patches

The laser’s wavelength makes it able to remove certain pigments that other lasers cannot. For example, PicoSure can remove green and blue tattoo ink, which is harder for other types of lasers to eliminate. It also won’t damage any of the surrounding skin tissue, and so requires no recovery time.

It’s because of its precision laser energy, technology, and effectiveness that PicoSure is considered to be a breakthrough in laser technology.

Other Options for Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Both fillers and facelifts are options for treating unwanted skin pigmentation. However, these skin revitalization treatments do have certain risks and side effects, and they require a certain amount of downtime, as they are invasive procedures that cause skin damage that needs time to heal.

Does PicoSure Work Safely on All Skin Types?

Yes; the PicoSure process can be applied to all types of skin, from very light to very dark. PicoSure has been declared safe, but individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding or who have seizure disorders may not be candidates for the treatment.

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How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of PicoSure treatments needed will depend entirely on the individual. The deeper, larger, or darker the area of skin that needs treatment, the more sessions that may be needed.

The number of required treatments will also depend on what kind of unwanted pigment you have. For example, a person whose cause of pigmentation is acne may need fewer or more treatments, depending on the depth and size of the scars.

A general recommendation is three to four sessions at intervals of four weeks, but your doctor will offer you a customized treatment schedule during your consultation.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

The initial consultation will begin with an examination of your skin by a trained specialist. They will analyze the type of pigmentation to be treated, as well as the area’s size. In the case of tattoo removal, the specialist will also assess the colors of ink used and their durability.

The details of the procedure will also be discussed, including the laser’s settings, how it works, and how the specialist plans to use the laser for your particular pigmentation issue.

Treatment Dos and Don’ts

Before any Picosure skin rejuvenation treatment, it’s important to consider the following.

Cold Sore History

Because a laser can reactivate the virus that causes cold sores, it’s important to notify your specialist if you’ve had cold sores in the past. It may be necessary to take an antiviral product on the day of and for several days following your treatment.


It is not recommended to attend any treatment session with a tan, as tanned skin can make PicoSure less effective. It can also lead to an increased chance of complications after treatment. That being said, you should avoid all of the following for two weeks prior and four weeks following every treatment session:

  • Sunbathing
  • Using a tanning bed
  • Applying sunless tanning cream

Accutane and Retinol

Individuals taking Accutane must stop doing so six months before getting treatment with Picosure. You should also discontinue the use of any products which contain Retinol one week before your Picosure treatment. You can resume use of Retinol-containing products one week after treatment.

Facials and Fillers

Picosure treatment cannot be done on the same day as a dermal treatment, Botox, or facials. However, these can resume one week following treatment.

What to Expect After Picosure Laser Treatments

Mature woman giving herself face massage

Because PicoSure is administered with concentrated energy in short bursts and only affects the area being treated, you’re likely to feel only minor discomfort.

Most people compare the feeling during treatment to that of a thin rubber band snapping against the skin. After treatment, most people experience a slight burning sensation like that of a minor sunburn.

Skin redness is also common, but this is typically slight. The same is true of swelling. The effects of each treatment will typically disappear after a few hours.

Because pigment shatters without burning your skin, PicoSure doesn’t require days of downtime; you can resume normal activity within 24 hours. Makeup and sunscreen can be applied in about four hours after each treatment.

Results and After-Treatment Care

You may notice results minutes after a treatment. This is because your skin has started to activate the healing process at its top layer. Over the 24 hours that follow, your skin will begin healing at deeper layers for even more noticeable results.

It’s best to avoid any strenuous activity in the first 24 hours following treatment. You’ll also want to avoid exposure to the sun after a treatment, as your skin is vulnerable to damage during this time.

Avoid rubbing and scratching your skin. Cleanse it gently with cool or lukewarm water and a mild cleanser. Moisturize regularly and drink plenty of water.

Get Amazing Results with PicoSure Today

Are you ready to harness your body’s healing power? Surgeon Peter H. Grossman is board-certified and possesses over three decades of cosmetic surgery experience.

Discover why Grossman Plastic Surgery continues to be a top choice for those looking for weight loss or appearance enhancement solutions. Call for your free consultation today: (818) 981-2050.

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