Noninvasive Skin Rejuvenation with MedLite C6


How Does Laser Skin Revitalization Work?

Unlike topical creams, MedLite C6 uses Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser energy to extend deeply below the surface of the skin to create areas of affected tissue. Then, the body’s natural healing processes create new, healthy tissue to replace the areas of laser-damaged tissue. MedLite C6 laser anti-aging treatments do not damage the surrounding skin, giving you impressive wrinkle-free results in very little time.

Laser wrinkle reduction and skin revitalization are the future of advanced skin care. MedLite C6 laser anti-aging technology is FDA-approved and will greatly improve the texture and overall appearance of your skin.

What to Expect During Laser Anti-Aging Treatments

In just a few short sessions, laser anti-aging treatments can completely change the appearance of your skin. Depending on your skin type, several sessions may be recommended to achieve the best results. MedLite C6 laser skin revitalization is relatively painless, with most patients comparing laser pulses to the snap of a thin rubber band. Laser skin rejuvenation has few side effects that usually include redness and minor swelling. Patients can typically resume their normal activities immediately following treatment.

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