BodyTite "Laser Body Contouring"

The future of non-excisional body contouring is here! InMode’s revolutionary BodyTite™ contouring system is the very latest in non-excisional body tightening. Simply put, it is an incredible new way of tightening sagging, loose skin and reducing unwelcome bulges and curves, without long incisions, extensive scars, or long downtime.

BodyTite™/NeckTite™ revolutionizes facial and body contouring by achieving surgical results without the scars or the extended recovery time.  A single procedure utilizing radio-frequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL) melts the fat and causes contraction of the dermis and underlying connective tissue. BodyTite™/NeckTite™ results in less bruising, less swelling, and less pain during your recovery than traditional facelifts or liposuction

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