Laser Brown Spot Removal

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Do you have birthmarks, freckles or sun spots caused by UV exposure that you would like to permanently remove? Now with PicoSure laser dark spot removal treatments you can eliminate excess pigment and create the clear complexion that you desire. PicoSure’s revolutionary technology can revitalize your skin in just a few quick and pain-free sessions.

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What to Expect During Dark Spot Removal

Laser sun spot removal treatment is quick, with most sessions lasting just under an hour. Depending on the darkness and size of your hyperpigmentation, several treatments may be recommended to achieve best results. PicoSure dark spot removal is relatively painless, with most patients comparing laser pulses to the snap of a thin rubber band. Laser treatments have few side effects, including some redness and minor swelling. Most patients typically resume their normal activities immediately following treatment.

If dark spots are clouding your complexion, call Grossman Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation and start seeing clear skin in your future.

How Does Laser Dark Spot Removal Work?

PicoSure dark spot removal is particularly effective because lasers can reach deep below the surface of the skin to destroy the melanin that causes hyperpigmentation. PressureWave technology safely sends pulses lasting one trillionth of a second, 100 times faster than a nanosecond laser, underneath the surface of the skin for brown spot removal. The laser breaks up dark spots into tiny particles that are absorbed by the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Over time, pigmented lesions and dark spots on the face, neck, chest, hands, arms and legs fade away.

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